[Proportion of multigrain pancakes]_ recipe _ practice

[Proportion of multigrain pancakes]_ recipe _ practice

Many people prefer to eat multi-grain pancakes. This is because multi-grain pancakes contain some multi-grains. This is very good for the health of the body. It has the effect of promoting digestion and preventing constipation. Some recipes must be made when making multi-grain pancakesThe question of proportion, some say to prepare the right amount of cornmeal, soybean, and white noodles, and the ratio between them should be done so that you can make delicious multi-grain pancakes.

Multi-grain pancake ratio batter recipe: The ratio of face water is 1: 1.

3 or so.

1 noodle and 2 pounds of white noodles, 4 noodles of corn noodles, 1 noodles of soybean noodles, 1 noodles of mung bean noodles, and 1 noodles of buckwheat noodles.

The practice of multigrain cake: 1.

Take 150 grams of ground powder and fill the pot.

Add flour and corn flour, add 400ml of water, and mix for flowable batter; 2.

2. Prepare eggs, cucumbers, sausages, baking pans, and preheat them; 3.

Add a spoonful of batter, spread out, fry until it becomes discolored and solidified, move to the side and beat in the eggs; 4.

Cover the pie with the eggs, press lightly, fry the sausages into the pan, and fry the eggs with sauce. 5.

Put cucumber shreds and sausages and roll them up to eat.

Multigrain Pancake Recipe Crispy Multigrain Pancake (Shandong Multigrain Pancake).

It is characterized in that it is composed of the following composition and weight percentage, wheat flour 85% -90%, corn flour 3% -6%, sorghum flour 3% -5%, soy flour 1% -3%, joe wheat flour 1% -3%, Press 1 for the above mixed powder.

Add water at a ratio of 21: 1, stir into a paste, scoop out a spoonful and pour it on the heated steel plate, spread evenly with a push plate, bake for about 1-2 minutes, and shovel.

The invention has the advantages of good taste and rich nutrition. It is better if the eggs, chives, pasta, spicy sauce, fried dough sticks, or deep-fried crackers are added during baking.

The main tools for making pancakes are ladle, oil rub, scoop, ladle, and shovel.

Zongzi: cast iron cast circular plate, the top surface is smooth and smooth, the center is slightly convex, there are three feet as support, the size and shape are different, the medium-sized zongzi is about 65 cm in diameter;Making pancakes.

Oil wipes: Commonly known as “oil taps, oil cloths”, square wipes made with cloth stitches, and also made with corn skin and dipped into edible oil.

Before spreading the pancakes, rub the rice dumplings with oil.

Spoon: Spread batter on the dumplings.

Zi: Usually it is made of bamboo. It is also made of wooden boards with handles. It is pushed by hand to push the batter so that the batter is evenly spread on the dumplings.

There are places where “Zongzi” or “Split” are used, which have the same effect as Zongzi.

The process of dragging your sister-in-law to apply batter is called a “stall”.

Shovel: In some places in Shandong, it is called “grabber”.

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