Month: December 2019

Running in the spring, running out of slender legs Running is the most expensive and best way to run. If you want to exercise quickly, running is a good choice. Next, teach you the right way to run and make you the best of your own!   Many female friends always hate running. They feel that […]
Beware of vitamin deficiency in autumn The autumn climate is dry and rainless, and the humidity in the air is small. Traditional Chinese medicine accompanies autumn with the most vigorous season of the year. Therefore, autumn is a season that is easy to get angry. When mouth ulcers appear and the corners of the mouth […]
Is it good to replace specific ganoderma with physical fitness? Absolutely, there are people who replace Ganoderma to condition the body to prolong its life. But there are many types of Ganoderma. Many elderly people do not know the best way to replace Ganoderma?   At present, there are 104 types of Ganoderma in the world, […]
Sub-health no longer bothers TCM for you According to a World Health Organization survey, 75% of the world’s population is in a sub-health state today. Sub-health has become a common social problem, and regulating sub-health is a new contribution of Chinese medicine to human beings in the 21st century.   Traditional Chinese medicine treats the disease […]
15 whitening habits to keep you white Every girl wants to be whiter, and then whiter . But in the summer season, the bright sunshine always makes us have nowhere to hide. To maintain beautiful and fair skin, the whitening habits in life cannot be ignored, and look at meThe perfect whitening handbook for you. […]
Five red soups raise a woman’s looks Core tip: What is good for people with anemia? May wish to try blood therapy. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you a Wuhong soup with good blood and nourishing effect. This soup is easy to make, but the blood effect is very good. You can try it at […]
Do you want to be healthy today? Is the self in the mirror energetic or weak? Whether your state is healthy, Chinese medicine teaches you to judge! Eyes are energetic: eyes are bright and energetic, there is no feeling of dullness, which means that fine filling, gas foot, Shenwang, viscera function is good. Harmony of […]
Introduce yourself 1. Giving a good “first impression” is a physician Lao Xu who has a pair of friends and a pair of them. But the two people’s views on Lao Xu were completely different: one thought that Lao Xu was very educated and cared for the patient; the other thought that Lao Xu was […]
锘? “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, Four-Tune and Big God”: How to do a good life in spring Learning is very important for everyone. Ignorance makes us lose the fear. Everyone wants to be successful. It can become the next Alibaba’s Ma Yun, Wanda’s Wang Jianlin, Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei and other big entrepreneurs. But you […]
Self-confidence love weight loss plan Numerous resets of obesity inheritance and natural beauty show that the winners in love are not all natural beauty, but must be confident people.   Let us redefine the “transfusion of obesity” – the “delivery” of eating habits such as diet and exercise in the family. In this “delivery”, the child […]